Thursday, December 17, 2009

Initial Post

I don’t know if I’ll leave this world with my ashes scattered over water, but I do know that I came into this world and navigate it through water. All my life has been defined in one way or another by water. This blog will be an expression of my passion for two things, water in all it’s forms and writing.

I’m a storyteller. Yes, everyone says that. Spielberg says that. “I’m really just a storyteller.” I bet Jerry Bruckheimer says that before igniting 500 pounds of incendiary explosives in what ever romantic action movie he does. Some corporate execs call themselves storytellers. Word of advice – if they work for either the legal or finance departments, believe them.

I really am a storyteller. I don’t work for Hollywood and I’m not a corporate exec. I write and perform stories about my life. I do other things as well. I love doing other things. But the older I get, the more I understand how much those other things are informed by stories -- stories and water.

So this is the beginning of some words about water. While I have a lot to say about my relationship with water, I was inspired to start this blog because I wanted to chronicle my experiences of a water safety instructor course I’m about to start this weekend. This is something I’ve wanted to do for about 35 years. More about that in later posts.

A word of preparation – while I am predominately a personal storyteller, someone who weaves pieces of my own life into stories with universal themes, this blog will NOT be a navel gazer ego trip ramble. I want you to enjoy reading it because its decent writing. When I fail to deliver on this, just tell me so I can make it better. Also, consider it an adult themed blog. Not pornographic in any way, but my posts may not always be for young consumption. Just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks.